There are many who are embracing the digital currency phenomenon. One of those jumping on that bandwagon, at least when it comes to fund raising, is Quincy University.

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QU officials announced Monday they are now able to accept digital currency donations.

Quincy University is a 501c3 charity, so any donation, including cryptocurrency, is tax deductible. And, QU gets the full value of the contribution.

Quincy University can accept 32 different types of digital currency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ChainLink Token and Litecoin.

According to QU Senior Director of Advancement Matt Bergman, "More and more people are investing in digital currency, and we don't see that slowing down anytime soon. QU is always looking for ways to make it easy for donors to support our students and initiatives."

Officials say that as of last November, the market value of digital currency was more than $3 trillion dollars. About 46 million Americans, about 22 percent of the adult population, own cryptocurrency.

The first known digital currency gift to higher education happened in 2014 at a university in the Pacific Northwest.

If you'd like to make a digital donation to Quincy University, you can find the online for at

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