Quincy University has fired in Men’s Head Basketball Coach.

In a press release, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Josh Rabe announced Friday that Ryan Hellenthal has been relieved of his coaching duties.

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There are still four games left in QU’s season. Assistant Coach Pat Richardson becomes Interim Head Coach to finish out the year.

The QU men’s record is currently 12-14 and 5-11 in the Great Lakes Valley Conference.

In nearly five seasons as head coach, Hellenthal had a won-loss record of 50-80, and 27-66 in the GLVC.

“Coach Hellenthal has made important contributions at Quincy University,” said Rabe. “He is a person of integrity, and he has emphasized Franciscan values in his time with us. We thank him for his service and wish him well.”

“At QU, President McGee and I want every student-athlete, in every sport, to have the opportunity for competitive success. The next head coach will chart a new course for our men’s basketball program and embrace new strategies for success in a highly competitive athletic conference,” said Rabe. “At QU, we are proud of the tradition of our men’s basketball program and have high expectations for the future. Nothing less than academic and athletic excellence will be acceptable.”

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