You never forget your first rock concert. For me, it was the spring of 1982 when Cheap Trick brought their tour to the gym at what was then known as Quincy College.

It was April 26, 1982 when Cheap Trick rocked Quincy College. Unfortunately, does not have a playlist for that exact show, however there is one for just a few days later in Louisiana which mirrored what they performed in Quincy.

My memories of that show are still vivid. I remember the dozens of guitars that Rick Nielsen had on a rack to the left of the stage. I remember Robin Zander sounded better live than on the album I had at home. I remember asking my cousin what the funny smelling smoke was that was hovering about the state in the Quincy College Gymnasium. (Spoiler alert: it wasn't used for medicinal purposes back then)

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It was a different era for Cheap Trick. This was before they did a lot of ballads like "The Flame". However, they debuted a song in Quincy that wasn't yet released called "If You Want My Love, You Got It". Even hearing it for the first time live, I knew that was gonna be a hit.

The other memory I have from Cheap Trick at Quincy College in 1982 was how my ears rang for days afterward. I've seen a lot of concerts since then, but Cheap Trick is still one I remember as one of the loudest and they nearly blew the windows out of the Quincy College gym.

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