This might be the best reaction video I’ve ever seen.

Let’s set the stage:

WIU women’s basketball coaches JD Gravina and Seth Minter each put up $500 out of their own pockets to entice students to come out to Wednesday’s game. If students could rally enough Leatherneck support (which they did), then the coaches would raffle off the cash.

Then there was a basketball game. Leathernecks won 83-77 (I’m not a sportswriter).

Afterwards, as Gravina announced the final digit of the second winning ticket, a high-pitched shriek drowned out the gymnasium of groaning losing ticket holders. And this happened…

Even this shirtless dude who looked all ready to falsely claim that ticket as his own backed off as the winner ran up, hugged Gravina, and dropped a mean twerk (did I use that right?) on the court of historic Western Hall.

Ahh college.

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