The Question is "Which Local Restaurant could you eat at everyday?" is a TOUGH question to answer...

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My friends and I were sitting around talking just the other day when one of them posed the question that I found almost impossible to answer "Which local restaurant could you eat at everyday?" it doesn't mean which restaurants are open everyday or anything like that. It simply means you love their food so much you could eat there once a day if you had too.

I find the question really difficult because first and foremost there are a TON of restaurants across the Tri-States that I love so much and could eat their food all the time. BUT if the question is I have to eat there EVERYDAY then I immediately start to think about a couple of factors...

1.) Does their menu have a big enough variety? As much as I love BBQ, Chinese, Italian etc... I would need a restaurant with a diverse menu to keep me satisfied.

2.) Affordability, if I have to eat their everyday it has to not totally steal my paycheck from me, I still have to pay my rent, and feed my dog!

3.) A bar is a must for me...Part of why I love to go out and eat is to also have a drink with dinner.

So factoring my top 3 criteria (you should definitely have your own criteria unique to you when answering this ridiculous hypothetical question) my answer would be The Abbey in Quincy. It fits all 3 of my criteria very well, I love their food, great bar, fantastic staff and all around a great place. In Hannibal I would choose Due Amici Pizzeria, Palmyra would be Rebel Pig, and Canton I would choose Primo's. There are so many too choose from and there is no RIGHT or WRONG answer, which restaurant would you choose?

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