It started with a lost dog and ended with two Missouri men wondering what in the world they had encountered in the woods. They heard a guttural scream and saw something in the trees that they still can't explain. This is their story.

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I saw this interesting tale that was recently shared by Dogman & Paranormal Research with Jeff Nadolny on YouTube. Here are the highlights of a story that was shared with him by his audience.

The man lives south of I-270 in Missouri which would be approximately in this part of the state just southwest of St. Louis in the heavily wooded area.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

His dog's name was Orville and he had taken off into the woods and had been missing for 2 days. The man and his brother went off into the brush looking for him. As they were walking next to a fence in the woods, they heard a blood-curdling guttural growl. He said it lasted only a few seconds, but it gave him chills.

Suddenly, something to their left could be heard moving through the trees. Both men were heavily-armed and drew their weapons. He flashed his light toward the woods and it suddenly revealed something up in the trees. What he saw was something he described as a "black hulking mass". He yelled at his brother and they both opened fire on...whatever it was. His light revealed that he had struck the creature in the left bicep when he heard a loud "argh". He had hit the beast, but it fled deeper into the woods.

The man and his brother fled from the woods also and reloaded their weapons in case the creature had followed them. It fortunately hadn't. The good news is his dog did eventually return home, but from that point forward he was extra careful when he took Orville for a walk in the woods for fear of an encounter with the black hulking mass he had seen in the trees.

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