It is the number one question being asked around Quincy. What is Rich Cain going to be doing? I probably have been asked it 20 times alone and I do have an answer.

I happened to be the person who hired Rich back in 1985 (?) to join the team at 99Q Radio. He was a welcomed addition. Somehow he managed to wiggle away from radio and into TV land (with some radio as well). I knew he would do well from the first day I met him. He parlayed his talents well and did a great job on WGEM TV and Radio.

After he left WGEM last week, he invited me to stop by his company gathering which I did. So I took the opportunity to ask the question everyone has been asking me. "So Rich, what are you going to be doing?" His answer was, he "has irons in the fire and will know shortly where his future will take him". So now you know what I know. Good luck Rich.

On a sad note, Rich's mother, Marthellen Jones Cain, passed away yesterday. God works in mysterious ways. At least he had time to visit her before she passed. My thoughts go out to Rich and his family on their loss.

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