Ever have a wild idea that winds up getting completely out of hand?

Such was the case with Bob Hopp, the owner of Ten Acre Treehouses, located about halfway between Hamilton and Nauvoo.

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Hopp says it all began in 2013 when he installed a zip line on his property. " I realized that I was gonna need a platform to reach the starting point for the ride. After much thought of what to build after watching an episode of "Treehouse Masters" my inspiration was piqued to build a treehouse!"

The first treehouse, dubbed "Whitetail" was only supposed to serve as Bob Hopp's mancave. But, a friend suggested he offer the treehouse for rent.


According to Hopp, "After looking at a couple of nightly rental websites I decided to put together a listing for the Whitetail, posted it, and after a short 24-hour period I had my first booking!! A couple from Chicago and their 3 dogs came for the July 4th weekend 2014 and had a great time!"

Next came The Captain's Quarters treehouse in 2016, followed by the Fort Henry Log Cabin, a restored 18th Century cabin given to him by a couple from Bevier, Missouri. That became available for renters in 2018.


According to the Ten Acre Treehouses Facebook page, construction began on a third threehouse on the property in August.

For more information on how you can head for the trees at Ten Acre Treehouses, click here.

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