If you're the type of person who really is interested in time travel, I have found a place that will give you an idea of what life was kind of like in 1830. It's a real historical cabin near Nauvoo, Illinois known as the Fort Henry log cabin.

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Nauvoo does not lack in historic buildings, but even by that standard, this one is unique. It's the Ashburn log cabin hosted by Robert on Airbnb. Here's a little of how he describes it:

Stay in a legitimate piece of American history, the Fort Henry log cabin is a nearly 200 year old White Oak log cabin original erected at the trappers outpost of Fort Henry, Missouri about 1830!

Robert isn't kidding about the 1830 part. See this vintage place for yourself.

Pretend it's 1830 Inside the Fort Henry Log Cabin in Nauvoo

An outdoor heated shower and goats waiting on the porch? What more could you ask for? Guest Anna seemed impressed. Here's a little of what she said in her review of this cabin:

Staying here truly felt like stepping back in time- while still enjoying modern comforts. The cabin itself was so impressive and the site around it was tranquil. The goats on the property were friendly and spunky! Would highly recommend to anyone, especially those interested in history.

Seems impressive. As of this writing, time travel to 1830 via this log cabin costs $159 per night. Check out Robert's full listing for more pics, details, updates and availability.

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