There was a meteorite that appeared as a green fireball that was reported over 4 states including Illinois and also over parts of Canada.

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The AMS Meteor website shows that as of this writing at least 34 people have reported this brilliant green fireball. Those reports so far include 2 different videos. This one was shared by Jami Loeser.

This video taken quickly through a windshield was shared by Veronica Davis on the AMS Meteor website.

Based on the timestamps on the videos, this meteorite seems to have flashed across the sky around 5:54 am on Saturday, March 12, 2022. Here's the current map of reports from AMS Meteors.

Infographic, AMS Meteors
Infographic, AMS Meteors

AMS Meteors is my go-to site for the latest fireball reports. This was definitely one of the most widely-reported events so far in 2022.

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