I think most of us who've been to a Major League Baseball game held onto the hope that at some point we'd get a chance to catch a foul ball, or better yet, a home run shot.

After going to a dozen or so Cubs games with my dad at Wrigley Field throughout my childhood, and coming up really empty in the catching foul balls department, I had assumed that my opportunities for a glorious catch of a foul ball had come and gone.

Fast forward to age 30, and I found myself with a group of friends sitting in the upper deck of the New Comiskey Park to catch a White Sox game. The Sox weren't having much of a season that year, and unsurprisingly, the crowd was pretty sparse throughout the entire stadium, especially the upper deck.

Around the 3rd inning, a high-flying pop foul came soaring right toward our seats. I was hoping to make that long-delayed catch that I'd dreamed about as a kid, but the ball landed about two seats away from me, just beyond my outstretched hand. With the low attendance it was simple enough just to reach down and pick up the ball, which I did. Hooray for me, I had my foul ball!

Until I noticed that two boys had basically run from the far side of the upper deck to grab that foul ball. When they saw that I had picked it up their shoulders kind of slumped, and they turned to walk back to their seats. Not wanting to be that self-centered adult who keeps the ball when there are kids around, I got their attention and threw the baseball to them. They yelled their thanks, and ran happily back to their seats.

Two innings later, another foul ball came back right at us, landing within inches of the earlier one. Again, due to the complete lack of competition, I just reached down and picked it up. Then I looked up to see the same two boys running in my direction. I tossed the second foul of the day to the boys once again, so now they had one foul ball each.

One of the guys I was sitting with was laughing over the fact that he'd never seen one guy get two foul balls in one big-league game before, but that no one would believe me because I had no evidence.

This woman definitely has evidence. Actually two pieces of evidence. She not only made a spectacular catch while holding her baby, video of her making the grab has gone viral.


In the top of the sixth inning of the Padres' 3-1 loss to the Cubs, Chicago pinch-hitter Jake Marisnick shot Yu Darvish’s cutter into the seats along the first-base line.

The ball caromed off the upper deck, then once off the aisle, before a woman in a Manny Machado jersey made a remarkable stretching grab with her right hand, while holding a baby in her left arm.

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