You think you've had a bad day? Grab some popcorn and watch this. It's a video that shows the moment a Midwest guy in a Honda ruined a Midwest guy in a McLaren's day big time.

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This happened in Birmingham, Michigan (basically Detroit). Here's the backstory that shows why this fender bender hurt just a little bit more than most:

Left my Rivian parked in front of Woodward and 14 mile (metro Detroit). Heard a massive collision and then saw the totaled McLaren behind R1T. Honda was at fault, ran the red as McLaren was taking off through a red to green. A gear guard was used by police to verify Honda was at fault and no ticket for McLaren. McLaren owner said he had 100k of upgrades installed the same day (engine stage 3, 850hp 0-60 2.6 seconds, carbon accessories, and more).

This is gonna be a painful one to explain to the insurance guy.

I'm not judging the guy in the Honda as I drive a 16-year-old car with no air conditioning and more rust than it has paint. Times are hard. However, that collision with the other dude's supercar is difficult to watch.

If there's a silver lining to this story, it's that no one was seriously injured in the collision. You can always take your car (no matter how exotic) and get it fixed. No replacing people. But, still...$100,000 in upgrades just went poof.

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