Here's online shopping commandment #7. Thou shalt not buy cheap batteries or thy shalt regret it. A new video showing a Midwest guy who got some for his power tool proves that point.

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This video was apparently shared by the guy's wife because you can almost hear the judgment in her words:

My husband was very excited that he found these cheap Amazon batteries for his power tools. We did not know it would cost us to spend hours cleaning, spackling, and painting.

I can't blame her. That bathroom is now gonna require some work. They live in Almont, Michigan, by the way. The batteries went...boom.

I'm not judging since I am also a man who regularly does really dumb things. (Example - I tried unsuccessfully to deep fry hamburgers last weekend and the result was ash falling onto our shoes. That really happened) But, even I know it's a bad idea to try and save a buck on batteries. It's especially bad for expensive laptops and phones, but power tools aren't much better.

Reader's Digest shared a fun and informative article about why you shouldn't buy batteries from the Dollar Store. The same applies for Amazon. The problem I've found on Amazon is it's really hard to determine who made the batteries because it's almost never the same person/company that's selling them. Rule of thumb is get replacement batteries for expensive stuff from manufacturer or risk expensive regret later. This guy now needs a new drill and a couple buckets of paint.

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