A few Midwestern friends were out for a leisurely ride on their bikes when they realized nature was struggling in a fence. It was 3 fawns who were in need of rescue which is exactly what the bikers did.

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According to the video description, this happened recently in Portage, Michigan which is just south of Kalamazoo. One of the dads added to the backstory of what happened:

My daughter and I were driving near our home when we saw 3 baby deer stuck in a fence. We pulled over and watched as a group of motorcyclists stopped and ran up and saved each of the baby deer. The little deer ran off to join their Mom who was waiting for them a little further into the woods.

Leave it to good Samaritan bikers to be willing to interrupt their ride to set these Bambis free.

All's well that ends well as these 3 deer were able to return to mama and continue doing deer things. If you're familiar with that part of Michigan, you're aware that there are a ton of woodland areas nearby. It's not unusual to see all sorts of wildlife including bears, wolves and deer in that northern part of the Midwest. It's just not common to see multiple deer stuck in the same fence. Good thing the bikers had the know-how to free the young deer without harming them. Well done, dudes.

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