And you thought you were having a bad day. A new video is proof that a Midwest woman really did get whizzed on by a very impolite squirrel.

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Someone is gonna have a story to tell for years. This happened recently in Saginaw, Michigan. I'll let the lady tell her own story cause it's better than anything I could make up:

I was looking up into the trees one evening and saw the squirrel romping around. I went to take a video to send to my husband since it was so close and cute. Thought it was coming right at me for a second. Didn’t know what it was doing when it wiggled its butt at me. I kept recording but guess it didn’t want me under there! Suddenly, I was being peed on. Took me a second to realize what was happening when I was looking through my phone screen hence the delayed 'Agh!

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT stand underneath of a squirrel.

Ah, gravity is not your friend. Neither are squirrels apparently. When I was a young man growing up in Missouri, my family had bird feeders in the backyard. They were frequented by squirrels. If I went into the backyard to contest the squirrels being on the bird feeder, they would sometimes throw nuts at me. Not making this up. Cruel cruel squirrels. But, I can look at this as a glass half full thing now since I never got whizzed on...that I know of.

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