What's worse than lightning striking a home? When a bolt strikes with all of the family members still inside which is what happened to a Kansas City, Missouri home. A new share of video from their neighbor's security camera shows the moment it happened.

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I just saw this video shared today, but I believe the actual event happened some time ago. Here's the description of what happened to this Kansas City, Missouri home:

Nest camera catches Lightning strike of neighbor’s Home. There was a family of 3 inside. No one was hurt, but there was lots of electrical damage to the home.

It's a miracle that no one in the home was hurt. This is quite a jolt from the sky.

By the way, the 1.21 gigawatts that Dr. Brown raved about in the movie "Back to the Future" really was accurate as Real Clear Science confirms. The power in lightning strike differs, but it's not out of line to say that's a good estimate of the shock this lightning strike delivered.

When you consider the power that normally exists in a home, the idea of a lightning bolt suddenly adding 30,000 amps like the National Weather Service estimates means this family likely had a lot of appliances and electronic devices to replace. The good news is insurance can take care of that, but you can't bring back a human life. This Kansas City, Missouri family was very fortunate.

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