If you don't know that violent weather is a possibility in Missouri during May, you probably haven't lived in the Show Me State very long if at all. Even with that expectation, there is an extraordinary weather pattern now being forecast which could mean explosive and more violent than normal weather could impact Missouri this May.

I've seen this model shared by many meteorologists and online weather experts like Ryan Hall and storm chaser Reed Timmer. It's a supercell composite shared by Northern Illinois University that shows how weather patterns are developing and what it could mean for strong supercells to be produced. This map shows the first week of May.

Northern Illinois University
Northern Illinois University

Ryan Hall mentioned that he's never seen such a dangerous supercell composite for May like this before.

While the supercell composite shows the first week of May, severe weather could start impacting Missouri again around April 27, 2024.

There's no official forecast from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center at this point because we're simply too far out before this data can be used to create an actual outlook that you can reliably depend on.

This supercell composite is certainly not to be taken as a forecast either. I share it just to get your attention on the end of April and beginning of May. There's little question that the weather pattern is shaping up to be explosive as April ends and May begins (perhaps with a severe storm bang).

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