We've all been there as first-time parents trying to figure out all the baby gadgets. Some of us didn't have our spouse record us.

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First-time dads are the best they want to put the crib together, get the nursery ready, and figure out all the new "toys" for the baby. One first-time dad just couldn't understand how the car seat and the stroller went together, and what did his significant other do? Record him and laugh historically, of course.

You have to feel so bad for him, and all I want to do is show him how the car seat fits into the stroller. One of the things I could never figure out was the Diaper Genie, No matter what I did, I could not figure that one out and at one point got so flustered I just threw it away.

I haven't been pregnant for a while now, but even with the new inventions that they have now since I started having babies, I wonder if even I could figure them out. So, here is your friendly PSA. If you see a first-time mom and dad struggling in a store trying to figure something out, do them a solid and show them. You could be their new superheroes.

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