Years ago the song "Signs" was a popular song by "The Five Man Electrical Band" and had the lyric of "signs, signs, everywhere a sign" in it.  Well with an election coming up the song kind of fits the City right now.  On April 4th the City of Quincy will either retain Mayor Kyle Moore or vote in a new mayor in Jeff VanCamp as these two men have put up signs all over the city and will spend the next month campaigning. I am sure you have seen the signs for both men all over town. If you would like a sign for either candidate they are available. All you have to do is message them on Facebook (HERE for Kyle Moore and HERE for Jeff Vancamp) and request one. Both candidates seem pretty responsive to request for signage. You can also request a VanCamp sign at

So here is your chance to get your sign to make sure Quincy has "signs, signs everywhere a sign."

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