Buy the new "VIP Passes" from VIP Cinemas Quincy 3 and save big!

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The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has been extremely difficult on so many of us personally, and been incredibly difficult on businesses across this country. None more so you could argue then the movie industry, with crowd sizes limited, social distancing guidelines, and movie studios pushing back so many release dates, the movie industry has been hit very hard. To combat that the local VIP Cinemas Quincy 3 inside of the Quincy Mall is offering a massive new discount program called "VIP Passes" and you can buy one now!

On VIP Cinemas Quincy 3's Facebook page they posted a long message about how tough this pandemic has been on there business, and reached out to their customers for help, you can read the long post by clicking here! But what has come out of this is the new VIP Passes, they are available for purchase right now.

A VIP Pass from the VIP Cinemas Quincy 3 is FIVE admission tickets into ANY show at ANY time for only $20! And the best part is they are valid all the way through the end of 2021! So head over to the VIP Cinemas Quincy 3 in the Quincy Mall and stock up on a couple of these bad boys now so you wont have to buy tickets for the movies at all when movies return in 2021!

As a guy who loves going to the movies and has been to the movies numerous times since they reopened in June, this is such an amazing deal! Puts money into the theatre now when they need it most and save you money big time in the future!

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