I have HBO Max but I'm going to the movie theatre instead, why you ask?

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I love going to the movie theater, I always have, and I always will. There is something so uniquely special about buying the ticket, having it torn in half, over paying for a tub of popcorn, a giant coke, and sneaking in some Reese's Pieces from the dollar store. Since March of 2020 however I have only been to the movie theatre twice, a large reason for that is obviously the movie theaters have been shut down, but also because the movie studios weren't releasing new films. Well all of that changes for me starting Wednesday.

Why does it change for me on Wednesday? Because Wednesday, March 31st Godzilla vs Kong comes out! Yes, I have already pre purchased my ticket to the 4:45pm showing at VIP Cinemas Quincy 3 in the Quincy Town Center (to purchase tickets for yourself click here!) I can't wait for this film! I have been a fan of the King Kong and Godzilla movies since I was a young kid, and this movie looks epic, intense, and fun.

So why not just watch it at home on HBO Max? I do have pay for HBO Max, and yes I could watch it at home, so why go to the movie theater then? While there are certain movies like Denzel Washington's "The Little Things" that debuted on HBO Max and theaters at the same time that I watched, and enjoyed, on my couch, other movies like Wonder Woman 1984, which I watch on my couch instead of going to the movie theater, just didn't feel the same. I didn't Wonder Woman 1984 and I think that's because I didn't get to see it how it is supposed to be viewed which is on a big screen. I'm not taking that risk with Godzilla vs Kong, I want to love this movie too much to risk watching it for the first time on my couch. So I'm going back to the Movie Theater, are you going back too?

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