There's a brand new video share that is one of the most innocent moments I've seen in awhile, but I have so many questions. It's a Missouri dog playfully chasing a frisbee while his friend a deer visits in their backyard.

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This happened in Wildwood, Missouri recently and that explains a lot. I think the best way to share this is to include the description the owner gave for what you're about to witness:

My corgi RZA and his friend Missy the deer. My father is the one throwing the frisbee. Taken August 19, 2023

There's really not much I can add to what he said other than watch and enjoy.

If you're not familiar with Wildwood, it's part of the western part of the greater St. Louis area. But, it's not really "city" with forested areas all around Wildwood. That explains why deer apparently feel comfortable.

The other part of this is how friendly Corgi dogs are. As the American Kennel Club describes them, they are very affectionate and friendly animals.

So are dogs really this friendly with deer?

The short answer is not normally, but it's not that crazy either as another dog moment with a deer went viral not that long ago.

Leave it to Wildwood, Missouri to come up with a wild dog and deer moment. Say what you will, but I'll take innocent moments like this over the more serious news happening in the world anytime.

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