When you live in one of the many rural parts of Missouri, this kind of stuff happens. A Missouri woman just shared a video proving that there's a deer named Karen who keeps eating her roses. The nerve.

Robyn Earl lives in a rural area in Central Missouri based on the description on her YouTube channel. She just dropped a video short of a deer named Karen who has an unhealthy affection for her roses and I have so many questions.

She said Karen is eating her "rose of Sharon" which is an unusual amount of rhyming. I had to Google it to learn there really is a "rose of Sharon" and she's not just making it up. I will admit that I probably would have taken the rhyming further and said that the Missouri deer named Karen was eating the rose of Sharon without even carin'.

No, this is not a breaking news alert considering it's a deer in Missouri eating roses, but I just thought it was such an innocent fun video share that truly captures the fun and somewhat innocence of what happens when you live in Missouri were deer live, too.

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