I don't blame you if you laugh at this idea, but I believe I can prove there is likely a black panther loose in the Ozarks. This might also explain the legend of the Ozark Howler.

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There's a brand new episode of Expedition X on the Discovery Channel that just came out this week that explores the possibility there is a killer in the woods of the Missouri Ozarks. One of the theories is that a black panther was illegally brought into the state and is now loose.

Here is where I present some video evidence for you to consider. The first video was captured in the Arkansas part of the Ozarks just south of the Ozark Howler sightings. Explain what this is if it isn't a black panther.

But wait, there's more. A Ring doorbell in that northern part of Arkansas also captured a mysterious big cat on it.

The "screams" that have been associated with the Ozark Howler would line up what a real black panther scream would amount to. Just imagine what a predatory big cat like a panther would do to the deer population in the Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks if it ended up being true.

In my opinion, there are too many videos of suspiciously big cats in the Ozarks to not consider this theory seriously. I would hate to be a camper that happens to be the first to learn this is true the hard way.

I highly recommend checking out this new Ozark Howler episode of Expedition X on Discovery Plus if this possibility interests you.

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