I have to wonder if this Missouri black bear was in the mood for love or if it was purely by accident that he casually strolled by a proposal tree as captured on video by a trail camera.

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I saw this video shared just a few days ago on YouTube, but it appears the video itself dates back to last summer. Here's what the guy who shared the video said about this curious apex predator:

This bear was on a trail cam on my property in Texas County Missouri on June 22, 2022.

Texas County, Missouri is in the south-central part of Missouri, by the way. Check out this bear then I'll explain what's special about the tree he/she/it is walking by.

Let's zoom in on the inscription on the tree (note: on the sign, not the tree itself).

DashRiprock via YouTube
DashRiprock via YouTube

It appears that the sign says "She said yes...Melissa & Joel...5.29.2016". Aww. Looks like someone popped the question about 7 years ago and the lady was agreeable. Good thing he didn't delay that "marry me" proposal by a few years or a black bear could have been there witness. Hey, it could happen.

It's yet more evidence of the increase in black bears in Missouri as their appearances on trail cams are becoming the norm instead of the exception.

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