A big thanks to the USGS. Just as I was starting to feel comfortable with life again they throw down a reminder that we'll get a major earthquake here in the Midwest...someday.

Please forgive my sarcasm as there really is a danger we're gonna get damaged by the New Madrid fault...someday. October 21 is the Great Shakeout 2021 to raise earthquake awareness. In honor of that, the USGS has shared this not scary at all map.


As they mention in their article, over 50% of Americans (hey, that's us!) live and work in areas that are susceptible to earthquakes. In Missouri and Illinois, it is a good reminder that the USGS estimates we COULD see a quake as large as a 7.7...someday. They've even run simulations about what would likely happen in the event of a major shaker like that. While most of the intense damage would affect St. Louis and Memphis, we'd need to be prepared to not have access to bridges for days if not weeks.

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A couple decades ago, I lived in California which experiences quakes all the time obviously. I was in a relatively minor one in the 4 to 5 magnitude range as I remember it and it was FREAKY. Nothing crazier than the ground beneath your feet moving. Hopefully we won't see a major quake in our lifetime.

The USGS Great Shakeout 2021 is Thursday, October 21. Better prepared and safe rather than sorry as we'll likely have to live through this event...someday.

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