There was no damage reported, but thanks to the New Madrid Fault, Missouri was just hit by one of its biggest quakes so far in 2023 and it was reportedly felt by dozens in the area.

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The USGS is reported than an earthquake happened at approximately 7:10 am Wednesday morning along the New Madrid Fault. Note that their "felt map" shows 26 reportedly felt this almost immediately.

Infographic, USGS
Infographic, USGS

A 2.9 earthquake is nothing major at all, but it registers as the 2nd strongest New Madrid quake in 2023 so far just behind the 3.1 that hit back on February 10, 2023.

As I've shared before, the New Madrid Fault Zone has quakes almost daily, but most are too small to be felt. To have one that this many people felt almost as soon as it happened is not typical.

It was back in September that the New Madrid Fault in Missouri had a sudden uptick of 42 quakes in just 30 days and many of those were felt also.  Whether this is a part of that upswing in activity along the New Madrid remains to be seen.

The hope is that the predicted major quake along the New Madrid Fault Zone (better than 50% chance of a 6 magnitude or greater) in the next 50 years is later rather than sooner.

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