The bad news is this infamous fruit-killing fly has been reported in America already this year. The good news is it hasn't been confirmed in Missouri, yet. But, the USDA is warning everyone to watch out for signs that this pest might be causing damage to the state's fruit.

The USDA's official pest quarantine alert page for Missouri now includes a fly that is real trouble once it's present in an area. It now includes a bulletin about the European Cherry Fruit Fly which was first discovered in America in 2017 and it's been a problem ever since.

The official USDA quarantine map and reports show the European Cherry Fruit Fly was reported in May of 2024 in California and also in Texas. The feds say that fruit with a dark soft spot that's shriveled may be a sign that this fly is responsible. They say the fly itself features "bodies are mostly black with yellow to orange heads and a large yellow dot on their back".

The fact that this fly has been spotted in several Texas counties this month could mean it could migrate north now that warmer weather is constant. To be clear, the European Cherry Fruit Fly has not been reported in Missouri yet, but I understand why the USDA has it on Missouri's watch list. It would be bad news for Missouri which is just now recovering from drought conditions over the past year.

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