Well, this would be an interesting development if it proves to be true. There is a report that one of the 3 recent "UFO's" that were shot down by the United States Air Force may have been an Illinois hobby club's balloon.

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This report comes from Aviation Week. The say that the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade lost contact with their club's balloon on February 15, 2023 where it was last tracked near over 38,000 feet over the west coast of Alaska. It was at that point when they lost touch with their balloon.

This was the same area where the Air Force reported that a F-22 unleashed a Sidewinder heat-seeking missile into a "UFO".

The Daily Mail reports that the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade's balloon cost a whopping $13. Someone's gonna pay for this. Can you make change for a $20?

Politico is reporting that the FBI has reached out to the Illinois balloon club to get more information.

There's no belief that the Illinois balloon club will be in any trouble if this proves to be true, but would certainly be an interesting twist into what many believed was a growing widespread UFO incursion.

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