For the record, I'm not a big regulations guy. I have the (probably naïve) hope that common sense would win the day. In this case, I actually think someone should pass a law because a very dangerous car activity isn't even illegal in Missouri.

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This topic came to mind thanks to a conversation/question I saw on Quora. It involves the one thing you can do in a car that puts you in one of the worst possible positions in the event of an accident.

So what is this extremely dangerous car activity that isn't technically against the law in Missouri?

Answer - Putting your feet up on the dash

So what's the big deal? The injuries in the event of an accident are truly gruesome if not fatal. Motor Biscuit (what a great website name, btw) mentions the danger of airbag deployment that can break your legs, pelvis, etc. This became a real life event as shared by the Chattanooga Fire Department where a woman had her femur, ankle, arm and nose shattered in an accident where her feet were up on the dash.

I won't share the pictures here, but there are plenty of examples of absolutely devastating injuries that are painful sometimes for a lifetime if you think riding around with your feet on the dash is not a big deal. Seriously, I'm not your mama, but don't do it.

I am guessing that one reason it's not actually illegal is it would be difficult to enforce by officers. Still, let's hope common sense wins the day and this activity ceases. Your life is too valuable to have one casual error in a vehicle end it.

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