There is a science behind the color vehicle you have and whether or not you get a ticket for a vehicular sin. In Missouri, there is one particular car color that statistically gets pulled over more frequently than others and it might not be what you think.

This is an interesting study done by CJ Pony Parts. They came up with this ranking based upon "924 speeding citations were collected from four intersections and two countries". If you drive in Missouri, pay attention. This is the color of vehicle that will get you a ticket more often than not.

Infographic, CJ Pony Parts
Infographic, CJ Pony Parts

I had guessed it would be red cars as cultural legend has often said that red vehicles get tickets more than others, but statistically that's not accurate. It's white cars that get the tickets from our police friends.

One other thing to note. I have no question that Missouri Highway Patrol and local police forces don't consciously pull over a certain colored vehicle. This is just the science that shows certain car colors tend to get the attention more than others.

There are a lot of other vehicle and demographic ticket information in the full study by CJ Pony Parts.

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