By any measure, this Missouri spring is an overachiever. Not only is it the biggest spring in Missouri, but also one of the largest in the world unloading a massive 13,000 liters of water every single second. This just in. That's a lot of water.

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Wikipedia confirms that Big Spring, Missouri is a record-setter. It's difficult to measure due to the unpredictability of the Current River as Big Spring is a tributary of that waterway. What this means is this Missouri spring might very well be one of the largest springs in the world, it's just hard to prove.

Here are some other startling facts about Big Spring mentioned by Wikipedia. They say "the spring is estimated to dissolve and remove 175 tons of limestone during an average day." That's a lot of rock to disappear every single day.

Big Spring also happens to be the deepest spring in Missouri and also possibly the world.

Here's another amazing fact about Big Spring, Missouri. It's still getting bigger as we speak. The fact that it's dissolving the limestone means the stream has growing access to the water source. This huge Missouri spring is only gonna grow as the years go on.

It's another part of the incredible geothermal system that exists in (and under) Missouri and the Midwest in general.

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