When you're a beautiful mountain lion, what are you gonna do? It's not your fault that you have certain requirements even if you are described as being kind of a diva.

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In this case, it's perfectly fine for this big cat to be a diva. Her name is Cher and she's a new member of the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary in Wisconsin.

If you're not familiar with how mountain lions behave, they are elusive animals. The World Wildlife Federation that they are one of the most versatile animals in the wild and can survive in just about any environment. They also point out that you don't want to challenge one of these animals as they're capable of jumping 15 feet high and 40 feet in distance. Translation? You're not gonna be able to find a place where a mountain lion can't reach if you run into one in the backcountry.

If you do encounter a mountain lion, know that they tend to avoid humans. Don't run or you'll look like prey and leave the big cat a way to escape from you. Make loud noises and let the cat know of your presence. You don't want to surprise one of these kitty cats or it will likely not end well for you.

The Shalom Wildlife Zoo/Sanctuary is more than worth a road trip as they call themselves "Wisconsin's Wildest Zoo" for a reason. Cher is one of their newest residents and you can see her...assuming she's not busy doing diva things.

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