This German Shepherd's name is Dax. Dax is a good boy because Dax just busted 9 bad guys in a single 24 hour period.

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Fox 32 out of Chicago just shared the good news about Dax the K9 officer's overachievement in Lake County, Illinois.

Dax exploits began at 9am on Wednesday morning. He found individuals who allegedly stole vehicles. Not a good idea to run from Dax.

The officer that works with Dax says that he loves to play hard and also work hard and has an amazing sense of smell. He said that it's very rare that you have that many individuals captured by one K9 officer in just one day. 2 or 3 is considered a good day. 9 (allegedly) bad guys busted in one day makes Dax the Chuck Norris of dogs.

Dax is a good boy.

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