Here's another reminder that all heroes don't necessarily wear capes. A doorbell camera captured the moment when a family learned that the restaurant guy who was supposed to deliver their food had been arrested. A heroic deputy made sure they didn't go hungry though.

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This noble moment was just shared by Fox 32 out of Chicago with this short, but sweet description:

A deputy in Illinois went above and beyond this week and delivered Chipotle to a customer after the delivery driver was arrested.

Imagine going to your door and seeing this guy on your security camera.

Fox 32 Chicago via YouTube
Fox 32 Chicago via YouTube

Watch this Illinois deputy go the extra mile (literally) to help this family get their food.

I nearly shed a tear when I saw food almost go undelivered. That was a close one. Great job for this deputy to do something no one would have expected him to do. When you're out busting (alleged) bad guys, food delivery is not on the job description. But, for this heroic policeman a customer who paid for food, but didn't get it was not an acceptable option.

There's no word on what Illinois police department this honorable guy is from, but I will update this story once new information is shared.

Consider this my salute, officer. You're doing a great job in Illinois protecting, serving...and delivering.

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