You never know what you'll find hiding behind walls when you do a renovation. That truth rang true for a famous golf club in Illinois that found windows hidden for 60 years during a recent reno.

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Olympia Fields Country Club in Chicago features some of the most historic golf holes in America. Originally constructed back in 1924, Olympia Fields used to be the largest country club in America. Over the years, changes were made to the facility. That included major air conditioning units being installed in the 1960's which ended up hiding one of the original features of the Normandy Room - majestic windows. They've now been uncovered again as part of major renovation being done at Olympia Fields.

Fox 32 in Chicago found out about the discovery of building features long lost in a walkthrough of the facility.

If you are a golf fan, you're no doubt familiar with the many famous moments that have happened at this club over the years including US Open drama.

Some of the renovations at Olympia Fields are happening on the course, too.

The video walkthrough of Olympia Fields reveals that many brick arches and windows from decades have been discovered and in many cases restored to their original glory. The best may be yet to come as there is still much work to be done. What other secrets lie behind those walls? Time will tell as construction at this epic Chicago sports place continues.

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