Summer is in full swing, and many kiddos are out enjoying the break and having a good time. Summer toys are popular with many kids, and there is a new list out that parents need to be aware of that might make a fun time playing turn dangerous.

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Enter your number to get our free mobile app complied a list of summer toys that might be dangerous for children, when I saw this list (at first) I had no idea these toys could be dangerous. If your kids play in the backyard and use water balloon slingshots, make sure they don't get hit in the face. It can cause trauma to the eyes and it can also be a choking hazard for young children.

I have a slip-n-slide that my girls use, I never thought of it as a hazard, but it makes the list. These slides are only good for children under a certain height and weight, if used by teens or adults they can cause series life threatening injures. How? When the slider is diving to slide (if not done the right way) can cause a spinal cord injury.

This one was a shock to me, Big Wheels, who would have thought Big Wheels could be a dangerous summer toy? When you're driving, it can sometimes be hard to see a Big Wheels, and other low-rider tricycles. Make sure if your kids have one that they are being safe in the road, or just to be safe maybe don't have them drive it in the road.

Other summer toys making the list include lawn darts, swimming pools, and trampolines. Just be safe this summer, you never know when an accident will happen.

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