I've heard it said that there's no town like Hannibal. That's actually not true as I've learned there are 4 other towns named Hannibal in America, but they're kinda scary. I'll try to explain.

There's an interesting website called GeoTargit. (Whoever runs that website, we need to have a talk about your spelling). It allows you to do a search to see how many towns have a certain name. In the case of Hannibal, there are a total of 5 in the United States. Here's a little information about what the other 4 are like.

Hannibal, Wisconsin

The story of Hannibal, Wisconsin is a sad one. It used to be bustling with 2 railroads going through the area. Now, it's practically vacant with no businesses and the post office closed a decade ago. Not a good sign. Interesting connection to our Hannibal though. Wikipedia mentions that Hannibal, Wisconsin got its name in the early 1900's from a couple that used to run a business in Hannibal, Missouri. Small world, indeed.

Hannibal, Texas

All you need to know about Hannibal, Texas is the official Texas Almanac website shows the city is up for adoption. I'm not making this up. If you search for it on YouTube, the only thing you'll find is a reference to a Texas slave ranch. Again, not making this up.

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Hannibal, Ohio

Hannibal, Ohio might be the least scary of the Hannibal, Missouri alternatives as a drone video shows it's a quaint little village.

Hope you enjoyed that because it's about all there is to show of the Hannibal in Ohio. At least it's post office is still open.

Hannibal, New York

Hannibal, New York is the most prominent Hannibal not in Missouri. It has an official website even. Almost 5,000 people live in that Hannibal based on the most recent census. Word is they might even have electricity in a few years. I'm probably joking about that.

See what I mean? When it comes to Hannibal, there are none to compare to ours in Missouri. Sure, there might be reality shows trying to trash us, but we still have our Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain history and some nice neighbors that remind us we're fortunate to have what we have.

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