Even dog names can be a popularity contest. Take for example a brand new list showing the most popular canine names in Missouri for 2023. The top dog (literally) name means "beautiful" because of course it does.

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The website Wag Walking (a very dog name for a website, btw) just released their list of the most popular dog names for each state. For Missouri, it's an interesting bunch of names for man's (and woman's) best friend.

Among the top 10, you'll find Stella, Buddy, Cooper, Max and some of the typical names you've probably heard used in the dog world.

But, which dog name is #1 in Missouri?

Could I have a drum roll, please? No drum roll? OK, then. The most popular (or is that "pup-ular"?) dog name in Missouri for 2023 is Bella.

If you Google what Bella means, you'll see it means "beautiful". There must be a lot of beautiful dogs in Missouri then if this is accurate.

How did they decide what the most popular dog name in Missouri is?

According to the Wag Walking article, it's pure popularity. Their data shows there are more Bella dogs in Missouri than any other. Show of paws, please?

If you have a new pooch in the family that needs naming, check out the full Wag Walking list.

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