Have you ever heard a town name and thought "what was somebody thinking"? That's the case for towns in Missouri and Illinois that have been declared as the lewdest-sounding in the state.

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This top was just covered (again) on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. It's based off of something that Estately did about a half dozen years ago as I recall. The short version is this map was created by the Estately Real Estate Search. Note the lewdest town names in Missouri and Illinois were "Cooter" and "Boody" respectively. DISCLAIMER: a few of these are very NSFW. (Looking at you, Idaho and Georgia)

Infographic, Estately.com
Infographic, Estately.com

Grading by the curve, I would place Missouri and Illinois' lewdest town names firmly in the PG-13 category. I have a friend who's nickname was "Cooter" and he was/is a cool dude and not offensive at all. I'm also not offended by Illinois' "Boody"...the town not the...never mind.

I'm afraid to editorialize too much for fear of unintentionally being lewd myself, but I really think the northern Midwestern states need some time in therapy. Combined with Iowa, there's a disturbing theme or word picture that begins to develop.

If you see friends sharing the Missouri sub-Reddit, just know it's not a new thing. It's just one of the moments when the internet served its purpose of being completely tart as it helps us all pass the time while pretending to work...er...I mean being the productive workers we are. Ahem.

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