I tried to guess and got this completely wrong and there's a good chance you might also. What do you think the most deadly creature in Missouri is? The answer is surprising and it's the same for the entire world, too.

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When you think of "deadly creatures or critters" in Missouri, the usual suspects come to mind. Black Widow spiders, Brown Recluses, Copperhead and Rattlesnakes. What about mountain lions or bears? Nope. It's NONE of those.

What does science say kills more humans than any other creatures?

Give yourself a cookie if you said mosquito.

That's right. The deadly...mosquito. USA Today confirmed what I found when I was researching what brings harm to more humans than any other. They say that the little ole mosquito though tiny kills more than 725,000 humans every year thanks to its transmission of diseases.

I was also surprised by the #2 most deadly creature...freshwater snails. Really.

It's not exactly breaking news that mosquitos are a terrible problem especially in Missouri (thanks rivers and water sources). St. Charles County says that Missouri has over 50 varieties of mosquitos. That's about 49 too many for my comfort zone.

Next time you have a friend and/or family member that wants to bet you about something, challenge them to the "most dangerous creature in Missouri" contest. You're almost guaranteed to stump them with this little known mosquito Show Me State fact.

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