I've seen some unique stories about how families made home for themselves before, but never one quite like this one. It's a Missouri family who bought a cave on Ebay and turned it into their own underground home.

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I first saw this place on Only In Your State as they just did a feature on "Unique Missouri Homes that Will Make You Look Twice". In this case, I've looked more than twice. This is Caveland in Festus, Missouri and it's story is kinda crazy. Curt and Deborah Sleeper bought this home off of Ebay back in December of 2003 according to their official website. Curt thought it would only take them 3 months to build their home into the cave. As it turned out, that process took over 4 years.

It appears they tried to sell the home through an auction back in 2014, but there's no evidence that it ever sold. I know they set a reserve price, so perhaps the bids never reached that level. There was also an attempt to sell the cave home a few years before that too I believe.

In the interview with HLN, Curt said that both Bob Seger and Ted Nugent played in the cave at some point. He's correct. Setlist confirms that Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes and Bob Seger played Caveland on March 16, 1974. What a lineup for...a cave (or anywhere for that matter).

Leave it to Missouri to come up with a cave home story unlike any other I've ever seen.

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