If you have purchased baseball or concert tickets, most likely you went through Ticketmaster to get them. Well Y101 Radio did the same thing, except instead of buying something, we are giving it away to someone. That someone can buy what they want and that person might as well be you. How much you ask? Well, how about $1,000?!

That's right, a $1,000 gift card. Y101 Radio is teaming up with Arch City Vapors to give away this gift card that you can use anyway you want to. To win it, just sign up at Arch City Vapors on Stardust in Hannibal across from Walmart or signup now on this website by June 12.

This $1,000 gift card from Ticketmaster got me to thinking of just what I would do if I won it.  So here is my top ten list of what the Big Dog would do if I win the $1,000 Ticketmaster gift card (which I am not eligible to win).

10. Buy three box seats behind home plate at a St. Louis Cardinal game. One for me and the other two for me to stretch out.

9.  Buy tickets to Madison Square Garden to see the New York Rangers play the Chicago Black Hawks in the Stanley Cup Playoff finals. Oh, that's right, the Rangers were eliminated.

8.  Buy a ticket to the St. Louis Zoo for a Wednesday (Hump Day) and remind the Camels what day it is.

7.  Get three tickets (same reason as # 10) to the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York to see the Late Show with David Letterman.  Whoops, looks like I am days late and NO dollars short since it was a gift card I didn't have to buy.

6.  Buy two tickets for our, Cardinal loving, Royal hating, General Manager Dave Greene to see the Kansas City Royals in K.C. with Brian Myles (Royals fan).

5.  Purchase two tickets on Amtrak to Kansas City for Dave and Brian via Quincy to Chicago, Chicago to St. Louis and then St. Louis to Kansas City.

4.  Acquire comedy night tickets in Las Vegas to the "No Longer with Us" Comedy tour featuring Joan Rivers, Buddy Hackett and George Carlin.

3.  Buy tickets to the Smithsonian to see Dennis Oliver's vinyl record collection. 

2.  Purchase tickets to the Quincy Free Fall Convention or is that the Quincy Free Fell Convention.

1.  Go on vacation on the Island of Fiji, relax on the beach, get a massage each day, down a few pina coladas and enjoy the view of all the beautiful women on the beach (saved the best for last).

See what I can do with a $1,000 Ticketmaster gift card!  So, what would you do with a $1,000 Ticketmaster gift card?  Sign up to win it now!

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