With no Powerball winner Saturday night the Powerball frenzy will kick into high gear in the 42 states that play the game leading up to Wednesday's drawing. It is estimated that Wednesday's jackpot will reach $425 million which would be the most in  the game's history.  

The jackpot is worth $278.3 million in cash before taxes.   Powerball ticket sales are expected to skyrocket each day this week until Wednesday night's 9:59 pm drawing. I, for one, have already beaten the crowds and purchased mine yesterday with no one in line. That will not be the case Wednesday.

Tickets cost $2 each and the odds of winning are 1 in 175,223,510, according to the Powerball website.  Even with those odds, people, like me, still hold onto their dream of winning the big time money.

Then comes the usual question of what would you do if you did win the Powerball?   After a "Thank You Jesus" declaration, my first call would be to my lawyer, second to my accountant, third to the security company to protect me and my ticket, and my fourth call would go to my doctor to make sure my heart will hold up from the excitement.

For those who say odds of 1 in 175-million are not good, I say really? I went to public school and figured that out all by myself.  Now odds of 0 in 175 million are really not good.  One in 175-million is good enough for me.  How much is a good dream really worth anyway?


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