So there I was contemplating just what I would do if I won the $700+ million Powerball drawing last night. All kinds of things were going through my head with thoughts of cash everywhere when it happened. I watched intently as they were reading off one number at a time on TV when I realized I had the first three numbers.  My heart was racing with anticipation of the fourth number and then it happened. I had the fourth number too with one more and a Powerball number to go. My adrenaline was flowing big time as I waited for the next number.

Here came that ball rolling down the tube in what seemed like an eternity to get to its destination. It landed and I yelled out "Oh my God, I've got all five numbers and please God make that Powerball be mine as well".

My palms were all sweaty with my heart racing at an all time high as I watched that red Powerball come rolling to a stop. Just as I looked to see if it was my $700+ Million winning number I........ woke up from my dream, minus $700+ million.

Tell me you haven't dreamed about winning the Powerball.  Have a wonderful day!

By the way, someone in Massachusetts did win it all last night.

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