Being a life long New York Yankee fan it was difficult to watch the Red Sox celebrate winning the 2013 World Series. You must give them credit in that they went from last place last year to winning it all this year. When you get right down to it, they outplayed the Cardinals and deserved to win it.

People will say they outplayed the Cardinals on the field but perhaps this World Series was won by the Red Sox advance scouts who had their team prepared to play St. Louis.   There is so much that goes into winning a baseball game and it starts with preparation.

Let me give you an example.  When Kolten Wong was picked off first base in Game 4 the credit went to the Boston pitcher Koji Uehara. People all over the country were talking about how could he get picked off in that situation?

I ran into former Minnesota Twin outfielder and current Quincy University Head Baseball Coach Josh Rabe the day after that play took place. We talked about the play and he brought up that the Boston scouts had the info on Wong. They found something in how Wong takes a lead off of first base and then used it against him.

A pickoff isn't always between the pitcher and the first baseman.  Other players are usually involved as well. The pitcher could be looking at the third baseman who would tip the pitcher off as to when to throw the ball to first.  It could come from the bench or even the catcher.  What was important here is that the Red Sox did their homework and saw that Wong has a consistant way of taking a lead and they found a way to pick him off.

Now that play didn't cost the series for the Cardinals but it did put a dent into their mindset that they were the better team. And again, you have to credit the Red Sox for doing their due diligence.

Despite the lack of scoring and the less than spectacular defense played by both teams it was a fun series to watch. The intensity was there from Game One's first pitch to the final out last night.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you I miss baseball already.

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