Imagine you decide it's a good idea to enter the Chicago Field Museum in a T-rex costume not realizing you're about to meet one of your ancestors. That really happened in this throwback crazy video moment out of the Windy City.

Somehow this did not appear on my radar when it was first shared on YouTube over 5 years ago. There's a must-follow channel called Chicago T-Rex and since he/she/it first dropped this video in 2016, it's been viewed more than a million times. Here's all he/she/it said about the museum visit:

Chicago T-Rex visits the Field Museum and runs into an old friend.

If you haven't seen it before, there's a good reason why it just started trending (again) on Digg.

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The mystery is why Chicago T-Rex seems to have disappeared after this debut 5 years ago. How can someone in a T-Rex costume skating in Chicago not create more content?

The last Chicago T-Rex moment was auditioning for a ballet.

I think we need to convince whoever the Chicago T-Rex is to resume their activities. The world needs this.

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