We're seeing a definite uptick of bears making appearances on Missouri trail cams as the population continues to increase across the state. There have none as fun as the time when a Missouri trail cam showed a bear who seems to think he was Bigfoot.

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I forget the exact date, but I believe this video was captured a couple years ago with the following explanation of what the guy spotted on his trail cam:

This is several video clips of black bear's that I got on my game cam here in Missouri where I live. There is three sets of them and two of them have Cubs.

It's the 4th bear that makes his appearance on this trail cam in particular that appears curious. He does his Bigfoot impersonation just after the 3 minute mark if I remember correctly.

As we shared recently, a hunter shared video of a bear who tried to join him in his hunting blind. Then, there was that Midwest trail cam that showed a huge family of 5 bears. Crazy. A few weeks ago, another system of Missouri trail cams showed 4 different bears in 4 different places. No doubt that bears are becoming way a way more common sight in Missouri which is making what we see in our woods much more interesting.

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