Murphy's Law:  Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.  That  certainly applies to the corona virus, but the best examples of Murphy's Law come with an ironic little twist.  In this case, gas is cheaper than it has been in decades, but we've got no place to go in these days of COVID-19 isolation.In Hannibal, you can fill up now for $1.40 a gallon (or more precisely $1.39.9 for those of you who count 1/10 fraction of a penny).  That's the lowest price available on Mark Twain Avenue, the road that takes to you historic downtown Hannibal.  Gas on the main strip on Highway 61/McMaster's Avenue is $1.58.

Those prices compare to $!.89 in West Quincy.  Across the river and into Quincy, gas is now on sale for $2.23.

In these times of social isolation coinciding with cheap gas, maybe now is the time to load up the family and resurrect the old Sunday drive.  In the old days, Mom and Dad would pile us up in the bed of the pickup truck on Sundays and we'd drive around checking out the crops on roads we rarely traveled otherwise.  How about packing up a picnic and taking the kids for a spin? Or support those restaurants affected in the lock-down and grab a drive-thru meal while you're rediscovering nature.

With our options being so limited right now, it's the perfect way to get out of the house but still practice social isolation.

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