Kavork Djansezian, Getty Images
Kavork Djansezian, Getty Images

Once again, all gassed up and no place to go.  However, if your essential travels take you on the road, it won't cost much to get to your destination.

The lowest price for a gallon of gas in our area is once again at the stations on Mark Twain Avenue in Hannibal.  This morning's bargain?  Drum roll please....  $1.17 a gallon.

Looking back at prices from the past, the last time gas sold for $1.17 was more than 20 years ago in 1999, according to energy.gov https://www.energy.gov/eere/vehicles/fact-915-march-7-2016-average-historical-annual-gasoline-pump-price-1929-2015.  In inflation adjusted numbers, that cost would translate to $1.60 per gallon in today's money

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